Exhibition Industry Flourishes

As an important way to promote cooperation and economic development, the exhibition has the effect of industrial linkage, which can significantly stimulate the efficiency of surrounding industries to multiply and accumulate business popularity. At the same time, it has the role of enhancing international exchanges and is an important platform to build a modern market system and an open economy.

Taking 2017 as an example, the direct output value of China's exhibition economy is expected to exceed 600 billion yuan, which has become increasingly prominent in China's economic and social development.

The Drawbacks Began to Stand Out

Although the scale of modern exhibitions continues to expand and the professionalism continues to improve, there are still some doubts and worries for exhibitors and visitors.


For Exhibitors:

1 My booth is too remote with too little traffic

2 The audience coming over is not my target customer.

3 In the few days of the exhibition, the input and output are not proportional

4 There is no news from potential customer after the end of the exhibition.


For Visitors:

1 The scale of the exhibition is too big to look over. And it is easy to get lost.

2 It is difficult to find the product I want

3 After a long communication, I found that it was not what I wanted and just a waste of time.

4 Visiting so many booths, I can remember seldom of them after the exhibition.

Online exhibition emerges at this moment

Due to the obvious drawbacks of offline exhibitions, online exhibitions have emerged as a favorable complement to offline exhibitions and become more and more irreplaceable.

What is an online exhibition?
What are the benefits of online exhibitions?

01. Browse online exhibition booth layout. All booths and exhibitors at a glance
02. Click on any booth, and learn corresponding exhibitor introduction, booth location and exhibiting products at once.
03. For interested exhibitors, you can go straight to the booth to negotiate, or you can negotiate or even trade online.
04. The exhibition can still be displayed online even when the physical exhibition finishes.

Advantages of online exhibitions

1)If you are a visitor:

Online exhibition will help you find the exhibitor you need immediately.

With the help of the online exhibition, you can see the precise booth map of the entire exhibition and know all the information of each exhibitor booth. After you click into the corresponding booth, you can see booth photos, exhibitor introductions and core exhibiting products, etc. Even more, you can contact them online. In this way, when you are visiting the exhibition, you can go to the interested booth directly and negotiate more specifically. After the exhibition, you can continue to explore the exhibitor information online and track the contact.

If you are an exhibitor:

Online exhibition brings you a large number of target customers

Online Shows can continue to expose your information and products to more viewers and potential partners. Visitors online can also find their favorite exhibits by subdividing categories, regardless of the booth area and location. After the exhibition, the exhibits can still be continued to expose and maximize the effect of the exhibition.

If you are a potential buyer:

You can learn from online exhibition without leaving home

For those who have not been able to participate due to time, funds, geographical restrictions, etc., you will have a certain understanding of the target exhibition without leaving the house through online exhibitions. And you can contact interested exhibitors online to make up for the regret of failing to visit the exhibition.

If you are a potential seller:

Using online exhibition, you can spend the least amount of money to get maximized exposure.

If you are unable to attend the exhibition for any reason, you can still apply for an online booth. You can have your own booth on the online exhibition. Even if you do not participate directly in the offline exhibition, you can also have an opportunity to exhibit your products or services for potential business.

We value your time, energy and cost more than youself!

Online Exhibitions Can Do More

Get the most out of your investment with the least amount of investment

In addition, with the rapid development of modern science and technology such as information technology and artificial intelligence, online exhibitions can further expand and promote the attributes of the exhibition.

Online activities

Online live

In addition, with the rapid development of modern science and technology such as information technology and artificial intelligence, online exhibitions can further expand and promote the attributes of the exhibition.

As a visitor, you can participate in a variety of online fun activities and interactive mini-games to increase the fun of exhibiting and even achieve online transactions.

An Exhibition That Never Ends

In the near future, with the popularization of 5G technology and VR/AR, people can truly stay at home and visit exhibitions all over the world. When people wear virtual reality devices, they are just like being in an actual exhibition where they can go shopping, negotiate, cooperate and trade. At that time, the online exhibition will completely replace the physical exhibition and become an exhibition event that will never end!