The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission is an ad hoc ministerial body directly under the State Council. It is mainly responsible for supervising the state-owned assets of the enterprises affiliated to the central government (excluding financial enterprises), supervising the value preservation and increment of the state-owned assets of the enterprises under supervision, guiding the reform and restructuring of state-owned enterprises, dismissing and appointing the responsible person of the supervised enterprise, organizing state-owned capital gain payment from supervised enterprises, drafting laws and regulations of state-owned assets management, etc.

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Administrative Department

China National Light Industry Council (CNLIC)

China National Light Industry Council, established in February 2001 after the reform of China's industrial management system, is a national, comprehensive light industry organization with service and certain management functions. It is voluntarily composed of national and regional light industry associations and societies, enterprises and institutions with important influence, research institutes, colleges and universities. In addition to managing the internal functional departments, it is mandated to manage 45 industry associations, 5 industry societies, 1 foundation, 1 political research association, and 18 enterprises and institutions of state-level.

CNLIC is mainly responsible for conducting light industry research, providing opinions or suggestions on economic policies and legislation to the government; participating in the formulation of industry plans, participating in the formulation and revision of national standards and industry standards; organizing the recommendation of major scientific research projects and the promotion of scientific and technological achievements; organizing the training of talents, technology and vocational skills; and conducting management and business guidance for the associations, societies, enterprises, institutions and other organizations under its privilege management.


industry associations


industry societies




political research association


enterprises and institutions of state-level

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