Exhibition Center of China Light Industry, established in 1958,was formerly known as the Exhibition Office of the Light Industry Ministry, the People's Republic of China. According to the approval of Document No.98 [2004] of State Commission Office of Public Sectors Reform (SCOPSR) ,the exhibition center is defined as a bureau-level state administrative institution. The center is responsible for the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council(SASAC)and administrated by China National Light Industry Council(CNLIC). The center is eligible to have the exhibition host qualification of the national light industry products and foreign economic and technical cooperation, and already became a member of The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) in 2007.

Scale of development

It has been awarded the title of “Civilized Central State Unit” for nineteen consecutive years and won the title of “Civilized Civilization Unit” for ten consecutive years.


Long history:The center has gone through 60 years of glorious history


Rich Experience: Domestic and foreign exhibitions and conferences have been held for more than 300 sessions.

5million square meters

Huge Scale: The cumulative exhibition scale reached more than 5 million square meters

16million people

Broad Implications: Nearly 16 million professional vendors and visitors have participated in.

Center's Functions

The center is mainly responsible for:

  • exhibitions and conferences

  • communication and commerce

  • research and promotion

  • other business

About UFI

Union of international Fairs UFI

UFI is the abbreviation of Union of International Fairs. UFI was founded in Milan Italy, in 1925 and headquartered in Paris, France. At the 70th General Assembly in Cairo on October 20, 2003, the organization decided to change its name to The Global Association of The Exhibition Industry, which is still referred to as UFI. UFI is by far the most important international organization in the exhibition industry all over the world.